Ardkeenan  National School is a Catholic primary school established under the patronage of the Bishop of Elphin and therefore  aims to promote the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the pupil; intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual, including a loving relationship with God and with other people. 

We also aim to develop a school which is  inclusive, rooted in the local parish community and which forms a central part of everyday life. We are committed to the development of the whole person, which enables them to hand on Christian values and a shared Irish culture to the next generation. We encourage parents, teachers and our parish to  work together in providing a child-centred education which includes preparation for the sacraments. The teachings of Christ inform all our efforts and the way in which we treat each other. We aim to lead the children to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and to make prayer, worship and liturgy meaningful and relevant experiences for all. Our school utilises the Grow in Love programme, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class, to teach the children and parents in a colourful and fun way  about the faith both at home and in school. This series has been fully approved by the Bishop's Conference of Ireland. 

 As a catholic school, we place a high value on academic excellence, integration and the promotion of respect for diversity. Children from various backgrounds are welcomed into our school, where respect for people of all faiths and none is an important part of our ethos. Our school endeavours to recognise, develop and appreciate the dignity and uniqueness of each child in a happy, caring and safe environment where respect for both people and the environment is central, thus enabling children to strive with confidence towards their full potential.